Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What do Singaporeans think are the important qualities children should learn at home?

The World Values Survey asks respondents, among other questions, to identify important qualities children should learn at home from a pre-determined list which includes independence, respect for others, and imagination. While qualities like hard work and independence score highly across countries, in terms of the percentage of mentions, other qualities like self-expression can vary.

I looked at the cross-country data, and here are some areas which Singapore ranks highly or lowly in. As shown in the charts below, Singapore ranks highly on obedience, but much lower in self-expression and imagination. Putting these together sheds some light on why Singaporeans are sometimes perceived to be conformist and not very creative.

Also, quite worrying is how Singapore is ranked right at the bottom for tolerance and respect for other people, as shown in the last chart.

Source: World Values Survey Wave 6

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