Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Are people postponing their IPPT to April?

The new IPPT, which starts on 1st April, has been said to be "easier", "a bit easy", and "easier to pass". If so, many would avoid the test in the upcoming weeks, and take the test just a little later, in early April.

If this were true, there would be a lot of IPPT vacancies in the last two weeks of March, and relatively fewer vacancies in the first two weeks of April.

However, we don't see this in the data. This is depicted in the chart which summarises the total number of vacancies for Saturday afternoon sessions in all four IPPT centres. The number of vacancies is quite clearly on an upward trend.

Why might this be the case? While many think the new IPPT is easier to pass, some feel that it is more difficult to get a gold or silver award. Others might be put off by the uncertainty, while others might want to spend more time training, particularly for the new push-up station.

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