Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are Singaporeans paid enough?

For Singaporeans, job satisfaction is not so much about making clients happy or contributing to society than it is about pay, according to the Mercer "Inside Employees' Minds" survey. Since pay matters so much, it is worth asking "are you satisfied with what you're getting?".

"Not enough" seems to be the common refrain. The chart above shows the percentage of survey respondents who were happy with firstly their base salary, secondly their pay component that is tied to their performance, and lastly their pay considering their performance. It does look like less than half were satisfied with their pay. 

Two interesting things stand out. Firstly, about a quarter of dissatisfied employees look to be getting what they deserve - when asked to think about their performance the number of disgruntled employees shrank by about 25%. 

Secondly, women seem to be more dissatisfied with their pay than men. Are their expectations higher, or is there some sort of bias against women in the workplace?

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